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Vittorio Tison, an humanity and competence compendium

Vittorio was born in S. Giovanni Rotondo (FG) on 9th May 1936; in 1963 he has graduated in Medicine and Surgery at Bologna University.

He had been a very young Chief Pathologist at The Faenza Hospital and later in the Cesena Hospital, that placed side by side this main activity to teaching in several disciplines.

He put together his scientific knowledge with a strong inclination toward social problems, that reveals itself in the last years of his life after an enthusiastic encounter with Africa.

He was charter member of the Oncological Institute of Romagna and Ruvuma Association and both organizations remember him as a strong point, a personification of the “global spirit” that links a great competence to an innate and limitless love to the neighbor.

He died the 17th April 1995.