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Vittorio Tison Association – “Culture & Solidarity” was founded in January 1999 thanks to an initiative of Dino Amadori and some colleagues and friends of Vittorio Tison, estimated pathologist and man with great professional and compassionate capacities, committed with voluntary medical work in Tanzania.

The primary choice of the Association in terms of intervention is to realize a project for the cancer control in Africa.
In Tanzania, cancer is the second cause of death after major infectious diseases (AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis) and this is the reason why the Vittorio Tison Association decided to promote several initiatives regarding health care education, primary prevention, early diagnosis and cancer therapy. The chosen location for the realization of projects regarding cancer control supported by the Vittorio Tison Association is the city of Mwanza, which is situated right on the shore of the Victoria Lake and hosts the headquarters of the Bugando Medical Center, a 800 bed hospital structure managed by the Episcopal Conference of Tanzania.

The serious epidemiological situation in the oncology field, together with the inadequacy of organizational structures, tecnology and professional competences are the reasons why the Vittorio Tison Association planned a project for the cancer control in this country.
The project is structured into four main intervention areas:

» Prevention and Early Diagnosis

» Assistance and Therapy

» Research

» Education

Twinning Agreement

The project is realized thanks to a twinning agreement that Vittorio Tison Association, within the Oncological Institute of Romagna (IOR), the Scientific Institute of Romagna for the Cancer Study and Therapy (IRST IRCCS) and the Oncological Institute of Veneto (IOV), signed with the Bugando Medical Center (BMC) and the Board of Health of Tanzania.