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Luigi Lo Pinto is a Sicilian doctor who has lived in Tanzania for over ten years. For some time he managed the Hisani center in the Mwanza region, which, thanks to the support of the Vittorio Tison Association, offers accommodation, food, care and education to orphans and street children of all ages.

For some years he has moved to Dar Es Salaam and currently works at the Bunju Multipurpose Center Project, where he deals with the medical clinic and the Art Therapy sessions. The center takes care of receiving children and young adolescents from all districts of Dar es Salaam. During 2019, 612 boys and girls were treated. The center is currently financed by the NGO WeWorld, while the surgical interventions and treatment in the reference hospitals are subject to payment and it often becomes a problem to find the funds to meet health costs.

And so begins the journey of Lama, a simple boy, with a very complicated story.
Lama is a 33-year-old young Tanzanian from Ilagala Village, three hours away from the city of Kigoma, in the far north of Tanzania.

lama-post-operazioneFrom an extremely poor family, he is married to Zuena and is the father of four beautiful children. Three years ago, Lama decided, in search of fortune, to move to Dar es Salaam, leaving his loved ones and family in the village. And it was in Dar es Salaam that Lama met dr. Luigi Lo Pinto who helped the boy to find a job and, after six months, to bring his wife and children to the city.

During the last May, Lama began to have episodes of convulsions with loss of consciousness. Following a clinical radiological evaluation, he was diagnosed with a brain abscess and had to be operated on urgently. The total cost of the intervention amounted to $ 2,500.

The dr. Lo Pinto, after informing Lama’s family of the operation, took over the medical expenses and decided to contact the Vittorio Tison Association to ask for financial support. Despite the fear and a brief afterthought, Lama decided to have an operation. The operation was successful and Lama was able to return home to his family, more excited than ever because, as he himself wrote, he could not believe that someone he had never met decided to help him.