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Since 2012, the activities related to breast and uterus cancer early diagnosis have taken place through the Association “Vanda Project”. The screening is carried out by a multidisciplinary team that operates within the 12 districts of Mwanza through a mobile unit. Medical assessments consist of the acetic acid test (VIA), paptest, breast clinical examination, population training on how to perform breast selfexamination, medical and paramedical staff training of the districts about screening methodologies.
The program includes an initial population awareness campaign through brochure distribution in local health units and parishes. A week of screening is performed, where 3 days are dedicated to staff training in the local health unit and the other 3 days to actual screening tests. In order to be read by a pathologist, the pap-test samples are sent to the Bugando Medical Center (BMC) Anatomo-Pathological lab; afterwards, a medical report is sent to the health unit of the District with the recommendation, in case of anomalies, to go to the BMC for a further colposcopic evaluation. The cases where screening test is positive for cancer, are treated at the BMC Oncology ward. While the anatomo-pathological examination of samples is locally accomplished, quality controls are executed at the IRST-IRCCS Bioscience laboratory.
The screening campaign data are collected in an organized database and they are constantly monitored by the IRST-IRCCS Bio-statistics and Clinical Trials Unit.