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Anatomo-pathology Laboratory

An Anatomo-pathology Laboratory has been activated at the Bugando Medical Center with the main purpose of supplying a fast and efficient diagnostic service to an otherwise completely underserved area. The technical diagnostic activity of the laboratory is supported by a local professional team, by Italian volunteer pathologists and technicians that periodically work in this structure. The Association continues to offer support for both diagnostic activity management, and for new technology development.

Medical Oncology Operative Unit

In 2008, the O.U. of Medical Oncology in the Bugando Medical Center (BMC) has been established; the Unit is directed by Dr. Nestory Masalu who, thanks to our Association financial support, has achieved in Italy his academic degree in Oncology at the end of a 5-year attendance at IRST-IRCCS. The Oncology Unit is equipped with inpatient facilities, namely a ward for both adults and children that need hospitalization. The workforce is composed by medical doctors trained in different fields of oncology, healthcare assistants, technicians and administrative staff. The organizational, clinicaltherapeutic and educational activities of the Oncology Unit are supported by a turnover of Italian volunteer oncologists, whose travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the Association.

Medicines Supply

The Association, in collaboration with IRST, takes charge of the supply of antiblastic medicines that are not available in the country, in order to guarantee the best therapeutic quality and continuity of treatment to cancer patients.


In September 2013 the government of Tanzania completed the construction of a building dedicated to radiotherapy activity. The building contains 4 bunkers where are located appropriate technologies for radiation therapy of oncological patients. As an integral part of necessary technologies, the Association has committed itself to the acquisition of a linear accelerator. The realization of a high-level radiotherapy facility in a geographical area that is completely underserved in this field, represents a fundamental improvement of the quality of cancer therapy in that country.